Tint Strips for the Rivian Wall Charger


šŸ˜¤ Neighbors complaining of the light your Rivian wall charger makes?
šŸ“ Yard animalsĀ can't sleep because of it?
šŸ¤ŖĀ Something else that we haven't heard of, but is a legit reason to want to dim the Rivian wall charger light?

Behold, as we present to you the solution!

These tint strips are made out of premium 30% TPU based 8 mil tint. The kind of protection cars use against rocks. And because packaging, labor and shipping is more expensive than the actual material, you get not one but 4 of those + 4 matte black ones with a hole cutout in the middle!

If you have another unusualĀ but legit reason why this light is annoying someone, please do share :) Product listings don't have to be all boring and this is by far the most unusualĀ product we've ever made based on a community request.

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