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Rivian R1T/R1S - MagSafe Compatible Dual Wireless Charger

Rivian R1T/R1S - MagSafe Compatible Dual Wireless Charger

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If you have a Rivian you know the QI chargers at the armrest won't hold your phone in place and no matter how hard you try to position it, it will always slide right out when your Rivian is in motion. We've designed this MagSafe charger to fit the same spot that Rivain intended for charging  without covering the front pocket hole, while adding two MagSafe pucks for secure and easy charging.

A must have for any iPhone user with a Rivian, this charger features 2 x 7.5W MagSafe pucks that join into a single cable, so only one USB-C port is occupied. All of this built into a heavy premium body made to fit precisely into the armrest area. 


NOTICE: The skin colors for Dark Ash Wood and Warm Ash Wood are not a 100% match. We use 3M Di-Noc film for them and we've picked the closest match we could find but they are still not a 100% match.


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Frequency Asked Questions

How fast does it charge?

Our pucks are designed to allow up to 15W of charging power (for each puck). With that said, there are many constraints that may reduce this in real life. For instance:

* Your vehicle might not allow such power draw

* If you are using an iPhone, iOS limits non-Apple pucks to 7.5W.

* The charge level of your phone might also play a limiting factor.

Realistically speaking, most iPhone users would enjoy charging speeds around 7W, while customers with high-end Android phones might see charging speeds around 13W.

What is MagSafe?

MagSafe is a technology developed by Apple, which utilizes wireless charging and adds a magnetic ring on the puck and the phone (and case) that allow the phone to always be positioned properly (for optimal charging). This plays an additional benefit when used in vehicles - your phone won't slide! But it has to have a MagSafe case, otherwise it will slide, misalign and won't charge.

What phones are compatible?

Any phone that supports wireless charging and is equipped with a MagSafe case dedicated for that phone should work. If you are wondering if your case is MagSafe compatible, take the phone out of the case and look for circular metal ring on the back. If you see it, chances are that it's MagSafe compatible.

Does it work with Android?

Yes, but not out of the box. You will need a MagSafe compatible case designed for your specific make & model Android phone. If you have such case, it should work (assuming your Android phone supports wireless charging via the Qi standard).

Is there a waranty?

Yes, our wireless charges come with a 1 year warranty that covers the function of the pucks. In other words, if it stops charging within a year of your purchase, we will either repair or replace it for free.