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Bumper Clear Protection Film (PPF) for Tesla Model 3

Bumper Clear Protection Film (PPF) for Tesla Model 3

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Product Features

  • 🛡 Protects your front bumper paint from rock chips, as well as from front trunk loading/unloading accidents
  • 💠 100% clear and almost invisible once installed
  • 🏁 Made with ultra premium self-healing, stain resistant paint protection film - 8mil
  • 💪 Install in 30 minutes. Easy to remove/replace. 
  • 💎 Precision cutout that doesn't require a heat gun or special skills
  • 🇺🇸 Made in the USA

What's Included

  • PPF cutout made for DIY install (without seaming or special skills/tools needed)
  • Spray bottle with soap (you need to fill it up with water)
  • Squeegee
  • Installation instructions & video


Install difficulty: Medium
Install time: ~ 30 min.
 Tesla Model 3

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Customer Reviews

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William G. (Charlotte, NC, US)
Very nice

Very nice product. Very pleased. Install was very easy.

Y. O.

When I got my Model 3, I was quoted $6k for full PPF protection. That was not an option. But I still wanted to try to protect my Tesla as much as possible and was open to other options. This partial bumper PPF seemed like a decent option. The package comes with the PPF, spray bottle with soap, and squeegee. There's a QR code that leads you to a webpage with an installation video. Watch the video and take your time with the installation. Use the spray bottle spray everything! Spray both sides of the PPF, spray the bumper, spray your hands.The PPF has a toy hook cover cutout to help align the installation. When you align with the cutout, then align vertically. There's also a small PPF for the cover itself. When installing the main PPF, be sure to take your time and squeegee out all the bubbles and as much of the soap as possible. I thought I got all the bubbles but after a couple hours, I found a few in the middle of the PPF that I could not squeeze out. I had to take half of it off again, re-spray everything and squeeze out the bubbles. Thankfully, the second time around I got rid of all the bubbles.To my surprise, this partial PPF is difficult to see unless you're really looking for it. I hope it actually helps protect my bumper.But, I do want to mention the small PFF for the tow hook cover. The PPF is slightly larger than the cover unfortunately. I wish it was smaller, or much larger to more easily wrap around the cover. But because it's only slightly larger, there's some overlap that won't wrap around the cover. You can easily tell that there's unused PPF hanging over the cover itself. It's a bit of an eyesore. I ended up taking it off completely.


As a newcomer to installing PPF on a car, the process can seem daunting, but I discovered it to be surprisingly easy, thanks to the pre-cut films. The overall quality is commendable, and it includes all the necessary accessories for installation. A worthwhile purchase.

Patrick T.

Looks great when fully installed - it's basically invisible. I screwed up during installation and dropped the plastic on the driveway with lots of small rocks, so managed to wash the rocks off with soapy water in a sink and go back to reinstall (after applying more soapy water to the bumper). Still managed to install just fine.


Update;The reason for the gap was I received a model 3 film not the Y. Apparently when I hit order I didn’t check the Y box so I received a film for a model 3. My error. The company was totally on it and sent me the replacement for freeSo I installed this on my 2023Model Y and I have to say it wasn’t the perfect covering I was hoping. It went on nice and smooth and covered the all The way to the bottom but was short of reaching the top.It’s about 3/4 of an inch short ofReaching the top. I was thinking maybe they sent one for the model 3 not Y but it says both.