Installation Insurance

The TWRAPS installation insurance allows you to purchase our DIY products worry free of installation errors. 

Here are the highlights of how this works:

  • Insurance is sold separately per product. That means that if you buy 2 products, and want both to be insured, you need to add the insurance add-on to both (if available).
  • In the event that you fail the installation and you do NOT have an insurance, we can offer a discount on a new replacement set but we won't be able to offer the replacement for free.
  • In the even that you fail the installation and you DO have an insurance for that product, please snap a photo and email us at to show us the failure + include your order #. Upon verification of your purchase, we will send you the failed pieces completely free (shipping included).
  • Installation insurance is valid for 90 days of the delivery date as reported by the delivery carrier (UPS, USPS etc).
  • Installation insurance includes one free replacement. 
  • To allow us to offer insurance cheaper, we ask that you finish the entire installation (for products made out of multiple pieces) before reaching out, so we can send you all the necessary parts all at once. This saves a lot on shipping.
  • Installation insurance is NOT refundable when the installation goes smoothly and you don't need a replacement.
  • If for any reason we can't replace your item within a week of your request (for instance if we no longer manufacture it, ran out of material etc), then we will issue a full refund.

For any questions or issues please reach out to us at and we'll get back to you within a few hours, during business hours.