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Pro Install Kit

Pro Install Kit

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NOTICE: The Pro Install Kit comes standard with our Full Front or Full Vehicle PPF wraps. There is no need to buy it if you are buying such a wrap.

Make installation easy with our Pro Install Kit! It comes with all the tools you need, like large spray bottles, a heat gun, and a large rubber squeegee to make the process simpler and safer. Get your project done right with the Pro Install Kit!


What's Included

  • 32oz spray bottle (for soapy solution)
  • 16oz spray bottle (for clean water, used to tack at edges)
  • Large rubber squeegee (for taking away most of the water on PPF installs)
  • Small plastic squeegee with felt  (for finishing the edges of PPF installs)
  • Syringe for easier measuring of liquid soap when mixing your soapy solution (tip - start with 2.5ml of soap on a full 32oz bottle and see how the installation feels for you. If you prefer it more slippery - add more soap. If you prefer it less slippery add more water)
  • Heat gun (for making PPF conform easier to curves and stick at the edges)
  • Microfiber cloth (for taking away excess water at the edges)


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