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Fog Lights Smoke Tint for Tesla Model S / Model X (Plaid & Long Range, Refresh)

Fog Lights Smoke Tint for Tesla Model S / Model X (Plaid & Long Range, Refresh)

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Upgrade your Tesla Model S with our Fog Lights Smoke Tint PPF, striking the perfect balance between style and visibility. This durable, self-healing film enhances your car's look while ensuring clear visibility. Easy DIY application and made in the USA, it offers a seamless blend of aesthetics and functionality, safeguarding your foglights with a stylish, protective layer.

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  • 🌫️ Smoke & Visibility

    Enhance your Tesla Model S & X's look with our fog lights tint, designed for style while maintaining good light transmission. Choose between a myriad of options for style and protection level. The smoky tint offers a refined hue, ensuring fog lights shine with clarity amidst the smokey eyes allure.

  • ✨ Premium Tint Features

    Our fog light tint film comes packed with advanced features such as self-healing capabilities, UV resistance, and water-repellent properties. These features ensure the film remains clear, vibrant, and effective against the elements, maintaining the integrity and performance of your fog lights.

  • 🛡️ 8 or 10 mil Protection Layer

    Designed specifically for the Model X & Model S, this thick tint film serves as a formidable barrier against road debris, rock chips, and scratches. It's precision-engineered to fit your fog lights perfectly, offering long-lasting protection and keeping them looking as good as new.

  • 🔦 Optimized Light Transmission

    Our fog light tint is meticulously designed to enhance the appearance of your Tesla Model S without compromising on light output. With optimal light transmission, it ensures your fog lights remain fully functional, providing the necessary illumination and safety on the road.

  • 🧼 Simple Installation & Maintenance

    Tailored for a perfect fit on Tesla Model S fog lights, our tint allows for a straightforward DIY application process. It's just as easy to care for, requiring minimal maintenance to keep your fog lights looking sharp and functioning at their best.

  • 🇺🇸 Made in the USA

    Proudly made in the USA, this fog light tint reflects the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship. It's designed to complement the aesthetics of your vehicle while providing a practical solution to protect and enhance your fog lights.

More Info / Specifications

Included in the Kit

  • Tint cutouts, one for the driver's side and one for the passengers side
  • Spray bottle, pre-filled with soap
  • Squeegee
  • Installation instructions 

Fits Models

  • Tesla Model S 2021 - 2024
  • Tesla Model X 2021 - 2024

Install Time & Difficulty

  • ~10 minutes
  • Very easy - tiny surface with simple curves


Clear or Tinted 8mil Paint Protection film

  • Self healing
  • Stain resistant
  • Non-fading
  • Resists damage
  • Lasts for 5+ Years

Tints Glossary

An important characteristic of tint films is the VLT. It stands for Visible Light Transmission. It means how much of the light in the visible light spectrum will go through that film. The smaller the VLT number, the darker the film and less light will transmit through it. 
⚠️ NOTICE: Please, check your local laws and make sure it's legal to install tint on your lights!

Install Video

Customer Reviews

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M.M. (San Ysidro, CA, US)
Looks great on Model S Plaid

Highly recommended to give it a meaner look. Perfect fit. Easy to install. Looks great.