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Slidable Armrest/Console Organizer Half Tray for Rivian R1T/R1S

Slidable Armrest/Console Organizer Half Tray for Rivian R1T/R1S

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Expand your storage options with our slidable armrest organizer for Rivian R1T/R1S. Unlike the conventional organizer that goes in the area where your elbow is while you're driving, this one is half sized but fully functional. The half size allows you to slide it forward/backwards to give you an easy access to items stored underneath. Featuring 2 credit card slots (each holding up to 2 cards) and a removable/adjustable divider that can take one of 3 slots, this organizer is as versatile as your truck or SUV!

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  • ✅ Organized Storage

    The armrest tray organizer offers exceptional organization of small items, keeping your center console clutter-free and your essentials concealed yet within easy reach. It's an ideal storage solution to keep your R1T / R1S neat and tidy.

  • 🧤 Seamless Fit

    Designed specifically for Rivian R1S / R1T, this tray organizer fits flawlessly into the center console, covering about half the space. This unique design allows it to slide back and forth so you can reach items underneath.

  • 🛠️ Durable Material

    Constructed from high-quality ABS material, this armrest organizer boasts durability and longevity. ABS ensures a robust, durable, temperature resistant, odorless, dishwasher-safe, impact-resistant storage box that withstands daily use while maintaining its sleek appearance.

  • 🧸 Leather Inserts

    With premium leather inserts, the organizer box significantly reduces noise and rattles from items stored within. The soft leather interior provides a cushion for your belongings, ensuring a smoother, quieter ride every time.

  • 🔌 Cable Management

    Since the tray only takes up half the length of the armrest cavity, electronics can stay connected and be reconnected without the need to pull out the organizer. If you need to frequently reach to the lowest level, this accessory would be an elegant solution.

  • 📐 Adjustable Dividers

    Equipped with movable and adjustable dividers, this Center Console Tray offers personalized storage solutions. Simply adjust or move the dividers to accommodate different-sized items, making this Organizer Box adaptable to your needs.

  • ✅ Included in the Kit

    • Slidable Armrest Organizer
    • Installation instructions
  • ✅ Materials

    ABS, Matte Black or Yellow

    • Rigid & Durable
    • Temperature resistant
    • Impact resistant
    • Chemicals resistant
  • ✅ Install Time & Difficulty

    • 1 minutes
    • Easy
  • ✅ Fit Models

    • Rivian R1T 2021 - 2024
    • Rivian R1S 2022 - 2024

Installation Instructions