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Tint Strips for the Rivian Wall Charger

Tint Strips for the Rivian Wall Charger

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😤 Neighbors complaining of the light your Rivian wall charger makes?
🐓 Yard animals can't sleep because of it?
🤪 Something else that we haven't heard of, but is a legit reason to want to dim the Rivian wall charger light?

Behold, as we present to you the solution!

These tint strips are made out of premium 30% TPU based 8 mil tint. The kind of protection cars use against rocks. And because packaging, labor and shipping is more expensive than the actual material, you get not one but 4 of those + 4 matte black ones with a hole cutout in the middle!

If you have another unusual but legit reason why this light is annoying someone, please do share :) Product listings don't have to be all boring and this is by far the most unusual product we've ever made based on a community request.

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Customer Reviews

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Greg R.

Thank you, TWRAPS, for creating this! My charger is mounted to the side of my house, and the pulsing (or solid) green light was illuminating my neighbor’s house and shining in their windows. I used the solid black tint strip with the center hole cut-out and it’s perfect. Deadens the vast majority of the light while still allowing me to see when my R1S is charging or fully charged. Thumbs up.


Nice fit!

Robert G.

Works perfectly and easy to apply. Two types of strips (dim the whole light, or reduce size of light to smaller area).


So glad this exists. My Rivian wall charge/EVSE is mounted outside and it glows very brightly. So brightly that it glows into my neighbors’ windows at night. I’ve been keeping the charger covered to block the light, but that can’t be good for the charger’s electronics.

Jack W.

The tint is perfect for my garage as both the green charging light and the scheduled charge light would light up my entire garage of surfboards and motorcycles making a quick peak into the door windows enticing for the smart thief. These take the edge off strong light and make it 30% more tolerable. If you have an outside charger annoying your neighbors, use the blackout strip exposing only a small 1-inch center window of the charger status. Great product as usual from T-wraps.