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Rockers Clear Protection Film (PPF) for Tesla Model Y

Rockers Clear Protection Film (PPF) for Tesla Model Y

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Product Features

  • 🛡 Protects your rockers against rock chips and scratches
  • 💠 100% clear and almost invisible once installed
  • 🏁 Made with ultra premium self-healing, stain resistant paint protection film
  • 💪 Install in 30 minutes. Easy to remove/replace. 
  • 💎 Precision cutout that doesn't require a heat gun or special skills
  • 🇺🇸 Made in the USA

What's Included

  • 6 x PPF cutouts made for DIY install (without seaming or special skills/tools needed) - one for Passenger and one for Driver side. 3 cutouts per side (Passenger/Driver) - one for the front door, one for the rear door and the small one near the front fender.
  • Spray bottle with soap (you need to fill it up with water)
  • Squeegee
  • Installation instructions & video


Install difficulty: Medium
Install time: ~ 30 min.
 Tesla Model Y

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Customer Reviews

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I normally don't write reviews but I'm writing one because it's my first PPF I applied. Me and my wife just got our first Tesla. With all the research we did, PPF was a must due to the "thin" paint and the amount of debris that would hit the car. As I was searching and doing research, this one came up and I noticed not everyone has the same rocker panel PPF.I only watched one video on how to do PPF properly but watching and doing is two different things. It took me roughly 45-60 minutes to prep the car and apply both sides. It's hard to see in the photos but I think I did a good job for my first time. Have you seen how much the labor costs for PPF is for this car? Astronomical.Anyways. I ordered this and the foglight tint, but here's the kicker. I bought the wrong one by accident during my research. I quickly requested a refund from the seller and they reached out to me and told me to discard it and they're sending me a replacement for the correct piece.You guys are great. And for the price I think it's worth it since it covers the entire length of both doors rocker panels. Both sides are properly labeled when you unroll the PPF. Takes a few minutes to spray it down but once you adjust it and just slowly work your way through getting the bubbles out.I do want to give a tip. The spray bottle that comes with it is fine, but you're going to need to refill it with solution again. In my case, I used a small amount, maybe a pea size amount of soap like body wash or dawn soap. That's it. Then just slowly spray the area and the PPF in and out and slowly work and adjust.If me and my wife ever decide to get another Tesla, I'm definitely getting PPF from these guys. Worth it even if it's a tad more expensive. Totally worth it.


Great quality PPF, every piece was precisely cut which made the installation super easy. The rocker pannel gets hit by a lot of debris from the wheels so this should definitely help out.


I got this to protect rocker panels from debris and rock chips. Product is awesome and comes with everything you need for installation. Fit is perfect. It is hard to spot after install is complete and much cheaper than getting it professionally installed. I was quoted $450 for the same thing.

Make sure to read this before install -
1. Keep extra sprayer with slip solution handy in case the small bottles comes in the package is not enough
2. Thoroughly clean the car before install. Double check and triple check for imperfections. Use clay bar and remove contaminants if you want professional grade finish.
3. When wiping with microfiber cloth after squeezing out soap solution, be gentle. Do not put any pressure as it might move the film.

Overall quality product and it saved $$$. Would definitely recommend and easy to install if you are little bit handy and patient.


Fairly easy to install, and great quality.

Amazon C.

PPF is easy to install but expensive