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Interior Vinyl Wrap Kit for Tesla Model S 2021-2024 (Refresh)- Plaid Style Black Carbon Fiber

Interior Vinyl Wrap Kit for Tesla Model S 2021-2024 (Refresh)- Plaid Style Black Carbon Fiber

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Upgrade your Tesla Model S Refresh interior with the TWRAPS Carbon Fiber Vinyl Wrap Kit. Tailored for a perfect fit, it mimics the Tesla Plaid style, protecting against wear with durable 3M vinyl. Easy to install for a bubble-free finish, it personalizes your Tesla with a sporty, luxury look. Enjoy your driving experience with this sleek mod.

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  • 🚀 Plaid Style Upgrade

    Elevate your Tesla Model S interior to the coveted Plaid version style with our Black Carbon Fiber pattern overlay. Achieve the luxury and sporty look of the top-tier Tesla with a straightforward interior modification.

  • 🛡️ Enhanced Durability

    Protect your interior’s wooden trims from the rigors of daily use. Our vinyl wrap is a safeguard against scratches and accidental spills, ensuring your Tesla remains spotless and impressive.

  • 📐 Custom Precision Cut

    Custom-fitted for the Tesla Model S, our wrap pieces align with perfection to your vehicle's specifications, guaranteeing a sleek and polished finish that looks factory-installed.

  • 💎 Premium Quality Material

    Constructed from top-tier, weather-resistant 3M 2080 series vinyl, our wraps promise to endure and maintain their sophisticated styling no matter the conditions outside.

  • 🛠️ DIY Friendly Application

    Designed for convenience, our wrap comes with a pressure-activated adhesive for easy adjustment, and non-visible air release channels for a smooth, bubble-free installation.

  • ✨ Personalized Flair

    With choices of black and white carbon fiber, and a honeycomb pattern in black, you can customize your Tesla's interior to match your unique style. Transform your daily drive into a personal statement of elegance and cutting-edge design.

  • ✅ Included in the Kit

    • Vinyl cutouts - 12 pc
    • Squeegee 
    • Edge tool
    • Installation instructions
  • ✅ Materials

    Automotive Vinyl Wrap Film 3M series 2080

    • Weather resistant
    • Ease of installation
    • Longevity
  • ✅ Install Time & Difficulty

    • 1 hour
    • Medium
  • ✅ Fit Models

    • Tesla Model S Refresh (2021-2024)

Installation Instructions

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews

The quality of this film is very good. The installation of the product is also worth a try. After installing this, the interior atmosphere of the vehicle changes.

The driver's door was scratched by my mistake. It breaks my heart.


I recently purchased this to give it a try and these turns out exactly looking like the plaid interior CF trims. The quality of this product is 5 stars out of 5 no doubt. Installation is made easy with step to step guide to complete this project! Additionally, seller is very responsive in terms of re-solving issues if you mess up during the installation process.

Would definitely recommend this to anyone who wants to replace their model s wood trim to CF!

Michael P.

I’d give twraps a 10 on quality and cut precision. My install might be a B+ if I’m honest. The center console is no easy feat to pull off perfectly. I got it all but one of the finger strips at the lower left front. Overall it looks excellent. WATCH the installation videos and try and replicate their work techniques.


This is the wrap that you need! I first got the RPM one because I didn't know about this one. The fitment and quality were terrible! Then I met a friend who has the new MX and shared this with him and he told me that he got his from Twraps and was very happy....so I've decided to give this one a try. I was very skeptical at first, because how different can it be, it felt that I will just be parting with more of my money for nothing. When it arrived it was beautifully packed, with excellent installation video and very clearly - this is very different. The fitment is perfect and the quality is great. I reached out to Twraps to share my experience and the owner explained that they develop their own models in-house unlike everyone else who uses some generic templates. The point being - this is the wrap that you need for your Tesla! Bravo guys!

Felicia V.

Ok these is super high quality and customer service is amazing! Be sure to watch the video instructions!