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California HOV Stickers PPF + Tint (2022, 2023, 2024)

California HOV Stickers PPF + Tint (2022, 2023, 2024)

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Product Features

  • 🛡 Protect your paint from the nasty adhesive of the HOV stickers. The bottom layer PPF allows you to install the HOV sticker on the PPF, and easily remove it by removing the PPF and keeping your paint spotless.
  •  🏁 The tinted version adds an extra layer on top of the HOV sticker, which reduces its brightness (let's face it, that yellow is an acquired taste)
  • 💪 Install in under 5 minutes. Install kit included.
  • 💎 Precise digital cutout
  • 🇺🇸 Made in the USA


  • 2024 HOV stickers / decals - burgundy color
  • 2023 HOV stickers / decals - green color
  • 2022 HOV stickers / decals - yellow color

What's Included

  • NOTICE: Actual HOV stickers are NOT included, you should request those from the DMV
  • 4 x HOV Sticker cutouts - 2 big and 2 small - if you order the tinted version you get double that - 4 clear pieces and 4 tinted pieces, 8 in total.
  • Squeegee
  • Spray bottle, pre-filled with soap
  • Installation instructions + video


🚨 NOTICE: You can only apply the stickers on painted area of your car. Do not apply on unpainted/porous plastic, as they will fall off.

  1. Fill the spray bottle with water
    Fill up the provided spray bottle with water. It already includes a drop of soap in it. To open the flat spray bottle, just pull the middle tab up (the one that has a spray hole). If you find it hard to pull up, use pliers.

  2. Clean
    Spray the surface where you will be installing the HOV sticker and clean it.

  3. Spray
    Once cleaned, spray the surface again. Then spray your fingers, spray the PPF/tint on top, then peel off the PPF/tint and spray its adhesive side.

  4. Apply & align
    Apply the wet PPF/tint on the surface.

  5. Squeegee out the water
    Use the provided squeegee to remove the water from under the PPF. Make sure you use the soft side of the squeegee to prevent scratching the PPF. Keep using the squeegee until there are no bubbles. You may need to re-position the PPF/tint as you remove the water, as it's possible it will slide a bit during this process.

  6. Tint
    If you purchased the tinted option, please follow the same steps to install the tint layer on top of the HOV sticker, after installing the clear PPF first and the HOV sticker on top of it.

  7. Let it cure
    Wet installations require minimum of 24 hours to cure. Please avoid car washes for 1-2 days after applying the PPF/tint.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Donald S. (Altadena, CA, US)
Great way to attach clean air stickers

Nice way to put on Clean Air stickers from California DMV. Protects the paint surface when they will need to be removed. Easy install to sandwich the decal between the clear side and the tinted side before putting them on the car.


I just received the 2023 bright neon-green HOV stickers. I bought the tint to place over the stickers to tone down the green and it worked perfectly...! And the installation was super easy too, especially since I just got my car washed before applying the new tint. This product is worthy of a 5-star rating!


I bought these mainly to tone down the garishness of the 2022 CA decals and it worked! The installation instructions are unnecessarily complicated: like another user noted, it’s much easier to create a “sandwich” of the decal with the clear film & tinted film and then affix it to the car body.

Daniel c.

Edit: Originally received only half the order. I messaged the seller and got an immediate response and apology. They sent out the rest of the order next day free of charge. We all make mistakes. The product is great m, service is great. I’d buy again!


Great product. Easy to install and comes with everything you need