How to install Refresh Model S/X Screen Protectors

1. Clean the display - first use the alcohol wipe, then the microfiber cloth and lastly the dust absorber. Make sure you dab dab dab the dust absorber and don't drag it. Cleaning is the MOST important step of the installation.

2. Peel the adhesive backing. Make sure you hold the screen protector properly so it fits. For the front one, the thicker black border is at the bottom.

3. Align the screen protector so that it fits perfectly. It's safe to hold it by the black borders, as your fingerprints won't show from under it.

4. Remove the bubbles using the provided squeegee. For stubborn bubbles carefully lift up the screen protector from one end all the way to the bubble and re-apply.

5. NOTICE  the rear screen protector tucks in at the bottom (yellow part on pic).

Tuck in rear screen protector
Check out our install video for PET 9H for more details! 
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